AESTHETIC ZECRET (AT-ZE) CO., LTD. is produced and helping you build a brand (OEM). We can create skin care (Such as Whitening, Moisturizing, Sunscreen, Mask, Anti - Aging, Body Care, Cleansing) By standard formulas and develop specific formulas for you. There are a quality pharmaceutical factory, international standards, clean, safe, affordable

Skin Care


Facial Lifting Treatment Serum - With the intensive Collagen, it provides moisture to skin and lifts up facial skin


Oil-Control Sunscreen Cream - the white cream is best for the white complexion. It prevention against UVA-I, UVA-II and UVB and helps with oil control.



Sanitary liquid soap, Ultra-Ultimate Cleansing Gel, with Chamomile Flower Extract and lactic acid, which are natural acids extracted by fermentation of milk based foods, combined with Sodium PCA, and water with small molecules.

Best Seller


This first serum helps to improve the appearance for dimensions of beautiful, Enrich Botany multifunctional from 9 extracts for anti-pollution provide shine skin



ปกป้องผิวให้สุขภาพดีอย่างอ่อนโยน ด้วยสารสกัดจาก ดอกดาวเรือง ฟื้นฟูให้ผิวชุ่มชื้น กระจ่างใส อย่างเป็นธรรมชาติ


Body cleanser, shower cream, with the value of extracts from Rosa Damascena, helps the skin to be soft, moisturized.


Q10 plus night cream with the performance of  Co-enzyme Q10 keeps skin youthful and radiant skin firming. Wrinkles fade, so look healthy at all times.


Light Facial Serum - With the 10% concentration of Vitamin C and natural Amino Acid, the blemishes and freckles fade away.