AESTHETIC ZECRET (AT-ZE) CO., LTD. is produced and helping you build a brand (OEM). We can create skin care (Such as Whitening, Moisturizing, Sunscreen, Mask, Anti - Aging, Body Care, Cleansing) By standard formulas and develop specific formulas for you. There are a quality pharmaceutical factory, international standards, clean, safe, affordable

Skin Care


Oil Clear Spray removing exceeding facial oil during the day without removing makeup but make it outstanding.


Facial Cream Mask - Sugar Cane Extract and Marigold Extract reduces acne, exfoliates black and red marks from acne and reveals healthy skin.

Best Seller


Intensive Skin Serum - With whitening and Licorice Root Extract, Marine Algae Extract and Alpha Arbutin, it reduces black spots and reveal bright skin efficiently.



Facial cream product with Highlighter peptide extract, it acts to smooth the skin, strengthen the face, tighten the pores.

Best Seller


Modern super lifting, revitalizing face gel contains in its composition high-quality horse fat from Japan.



Skin serum products are rich in extracts of red algae that help wrinkles look noticeably down, which will prevent skin aging and the value of Mirabilis jalapa Extract which helps alleviate skin irritation .



Dragon’s Blood extract, which helps reduce wrinkles, dark spots from acne, combined with Willow Extract and UsneaBarbata (Lichen) Extract , which helps reduce skin irritation, reduces inflammation, and replenishes moisture to the skin with Aloe Vera Extract.