Aesthetic Secret (At-C) Co., Ltd. is produced and helping you build the brand.(OEM) If you need to creating Skin care products, Cosmetic products, Cleansing products, Supplement and Medicine. We are the national standard factory with standard lab and medical staff.


Standard formulas for cosmetic, cosmeceutical, dietary supplement production

We provides standard formulas for customers who want to become an owner of his or her own brand of cosmetic and beauty products; with our highly experienced and expert teams.


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Research and development services for cosmetic, cosmeceutical, dietary supplement
With our standardized medical research and development center, we’re far more superior than our competitors, whether in term of our personnel, quality control, production process and etc. We have teams of personnel, scientist, pharmacist, chemist and doctor; who possess the expertise and experience of product research and development.
Product registration, applying for FDA registration number – certificates
We provide product registration services, such as, applying for FDA registration number, in accordance with Ministry of Public Health’s standard; applying for the right to use symbols and applying for certificates of production and certificates for exporting.
Cleaning and packaging services
Each container has to be thoroughly cleaned before it can be filled with product; in order to prevent contamination. We also provide packaging service with state of the art machinery.
Product’s label and package’s label designing service
We provide highly experienced graphic designers, who able to answer every of our customer’s demand, in every step of designing.
Product delivery service, both domestic and abroad
We deliver products to our customers on daily basis, you may rest assure that you’ll receive your product in timely fashion.
Product Testing Services
We provide you the efficacy tests to support the claims of your consumer product safety.
Stability and compatibility testing is to ensure that products maintain their intended physical and chemical quality when stored under various conditions.