Press Powder for white-medium skin tone - The combination of BB Primer, sunscreen and foundation in one to save your time and steps for the rushing woman.


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Benefit: Press Powder  for white-medium skin tone - The combination of BB Primer, sunscreen and foundation in one to save your time and steps for the rushing woman. The innovation of powerful new UV filter offers the IR protection from the plankton in boiling volcano under the deep Mariana Trench to protect skin from pollution and infrared as well as from electronic appliances, strengthen epidermis skin as the initial shield. Mollar De Elche nourishes the deepest skin to reduces darkness and black spots. With the world award guarantee and the Platinum Nanoparticles with Peptide, the power of pure jewel boost up the skin energy to completely cover, waterproof and not leave the stain during the day.
Direction for use: Apply evenly with puff all over face and neck. Suitable for everyday use.
Ingredients: Mariana Plankton, Nano Alicante Pomegranate 100%, Platinum Nano Peptide
  • Venuceane™ is an anti-aging active that meets expectations for a new generation of photo-protection based on UV and IR protection. It seems to be, by far, the most complete active ingredient to effectively fight against photo-ageing.
  • Derived by biotechnology, Venuceane™, is a ferment that is rich in multifunctional and stable enzymes. In addition, it also complies with Chinese regulations for cosmetics ingredients. By giving a Red Card for InfraRed, Venuceane™ fights IR-Aging.
    • Properties:
      • Infrared And Skin Ageing
        • In response to the increasing heat generated by IR radiation, Venuceane™ offers proportional detoxifying activities in order to fight oxidative stress.
        • By targeting the mitochondria, IR radiation induces an increased amount of ROS whereas VENUCEANE™ reduces it by 28%.
    • Protection From Inflammation
      • Venuceane™ soothes IR-induced inflammation which is well known to trigger oxidative stress propagation.
  • Hydration Improvement
    • By protecting mitochondrial integrity from IR-induced ROS production, Venuceane™ preserves and stimulates the mitochondrial metabolism.
    • With Venuceane™, energy production and mitochondrial water content increase and contribute to hydration improvement.
  • Dermal Architecture Maintenance
    • Venuceane™ protects the dermis fibres. Collagen degradation is significantly counteracted by the MMP-1 downregulation and the HSP-47 upregulation.
  • Summary:
    • Lessens the inflammatory conditions
    • Improves hydration via the protection of the mitochondrial integrity
    • Prevents the denaturation of matrix macromolecules in order to limit wrinkle formation
    • By giving a Red card to InfraRed, Venuceane™ fights IR-Ageing.
Nano Alicante Pomegranate 100%
  • Nano Alicante Pomegranate is extracted from whole fresh pomegranate fruits of Mollar de Elche variety 100% Found only in Alicante country Spain.
  • Innovative delivery of active ingredients from France. Until the volume 10% Punicalagins. A  potent antioxidant found mainly in pomegranate
Platinum Nano Peptide
  • Platinum matri-xem is a synthetic peptide (palmitoyl heptapeptide )
  • With a remarkable effect on the collagen synthesis, nanoconjugated to platinum particles.
  • In vitro test
    • Synthesis of Collagen I  and Synthesis of Collagen III more than 100%
  • Objective: evaluate the capability Platinum MatriXEM at 0,3% to reduce wrinkles.
  • Methodology :
    • Determination of the macro-relief of silicon replica from 15 volunteers obtained from the area surround the eyes.
    • 4 weeks treatment, analysis of samples at time 0 before the beginning of treatment and at 4 week (28 days of application)
    • The rugosity average has been assessed through profilometry with a Profilemeter Pl and T0 Confocal stereoscopic microscopy Optech ST3
    • Results : Reduction of wrinkles of 61%