A moisturizing lip gloss with light reflective properties that adds color, shimmer and shine to lip. Hydrate, smooth and soften lips with Hokkaido milk


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Benefit: A moisturizing lip gloss with light reflective properties that adds colour, shimmer and shine to lip. Hydrate, smooth and soften lips with Hokkaido milk extract from Japan along with Hyaluronic acid help fill the trenches. Lips tighten blended White strawberry extract, help to remove dead lip to peel off. Nourishes the lip to look radiant. The lip are bright and eye-catching.
Direction for use: Apply to the lips every day, frequently available on demand.
Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid,  Fragaria  Chiloensis (Strawberry) Fruit Juice, Hydrolyzed Milk Protein
Hokkaido Milk
  • Hokkaido milk extract, from good cattle on an organic farm with natural abundance on Hokkaido.
  • Rich in protein and nutrients up to 15 times higher than normal breast milk.
  • Colostrum found substance, than main extract in yellow milk, there are growth factors. (Epithelial Growth Facter ) or EGF by working with other extracts in yellow milk.
  • Serve as a high concentrated moisturizer.
Helps to create concentration skin food, nourishing the skin deeply.
Rich in essential amino acids to restore dry skin cells to soft and moisturizing.
Deeply nourishes the DNA layer, making the skin stronger from the inside to the outside.
Helps reduce irritation in delicate and sensitive skin.
++ Fill your face acne scar, fill deep and wide pores to smooth back.
Increase youthfulness to the face.
White Strawberry 
  • First Love is the world's first white strawberry that was created to stimulate the strawberry trade. Its significance is not just the color — the producer spent 20 years to introduce a white strawberry that is indulgently aromatic and sweet. Even though some
  • People were initially skeptical about its marketability, First Love is now widely known in the trade. The color looks especially attractive when they are boxed together with the traditional red strawberries.
  • In order to maintain a beautiful skin, it is necessary to inhibit melanin production by suppressing the effect of tyrosinase as follows:
1) Inhibit tyrosinase activity
2) Inhibit tyrosinase production
3) Inhibit melanin production
  • Epidermosil is a silanol resulting from the condensation between the methylsilanetriol moiety (MTS) on low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (150-600 kDa)
  • Benefit
    • Improve the epidermal and cell renewal effect of hyaluronic acid (Epidermal extra-cellular matrix)
    • Increase formation of glycosaminoglycanes (including hyaluronic acid)
A silanol combining the synergetic benefits of organic silicium and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid
Epidermis thickening
Collagen booster effect and optimal organization of the dermis
Improved skin hydration
Improved skin protection
Improved skin density
Improved skin firmness
Global and total anti-wrinkle