AESTHETIC ZECRET (AT-ZE) CO., LTD. is produced and helping you build a brand (OEM). We can create make up(such as Foundation, Eyebrow, Eye Liner, Eye Shadow, Mascara, Blush, Lips, Hair Styling). By standard formulas and develop specific formulas for you. There are a quality pharmaceutical factory, international standards, clean, safe, affordable

Make Up


MSH 01-04-1

CONTOUR POWDER with a light texture,with a pigment that stays firm all day long. Press powder and shimmering ingredients that are soft and radiant and healthy.


MEG 01-03-1

 Eyebrow gel, a product with a soft, smooth texture, easy to write, and special effects of satin gel and pigments.


Press Powder for white-medium skin tone - It resists free radical and prevents skin irritation while controlling facial oil.


MLL01 -1

A moisturizing lip gloss with light reflective properties that adds color, shimmer and shine to lip. Hydrate, smooth and soften lips with Hokkaido milk



Foundation product in the form of a popular Cushion, matt texture, lightweight, comfortable skin with excellent coverage, maintains long-lasting beauty, brightens the skin color, and combines various natural skin nourishing substances. It protects your skin from Anti-Pollution, causing dull skin and wrinkles.



Deep Black Eyeliner gel easy to write, sharp lines, dry quickly, waterproof, long-lasting all day.



curled, long and thick lashes style. It feels lightweight, waterproof, non-smudge formula during the day.



Concealer conceals dark circles, under eyes and facial defects, dark spots, redness, which gives the skin smooth, natural look.