How to beauty makeup for graduation.

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{How to} beauty makeup for graduation


1.Prepare your facial skin

The first step is very important. Because preparing the facial to be ready it make us make up even more beautiful. Which is preparation Exfoliation of skin cells by scrubbing Whether it is a powder, tablet or cream like AHA, BHA. This method it make our facial skin to be smooth, clean and clear. Later, we come to face masks to keep our face moist and full of water, wake up to make our face moisturized and have clear skin.

2.Nourish your face with suitable skin care.

Let the girls put on the skin care that is suitable for themselves or that are used regularly to nourish our skin But want to * be careful with skincare that contains too thick oil or cream Because it will make the face greasy during the day.

3. Makeup Base so important.

Applying Makeup Base makes makeup last longer. The step starts from
1. Apply a primer first to prepare the skin.

2.Apply the foundation over the entire face, the more matte, the longer it lasts and controls it, girls. As for the foundation, girls can choose to match the skin color or color according to your preferences. But the key is Must be able to help make the skin tone evenly across the face.

3. Apply concealer, if women have acne marks, dark spots under the eyes, can dab one point at a time and use the beauty blender to spread continuously or if anyone doesn't have it, use our fingers to spread. Can be smooth

4.Apply contour across the page In order to make our face appear more dimensional

4.Face Spray

Let the girls spray before makeup to keep their face moisturized. Make a beautiful makeup and spray after the makeup is done. To blot gently with a clean tissue. To help make cosmetics last longer In addition, women can be injected during the day if the makeup is a little off. To inject and then continue to add cosmetics.


5. Make up a beautiful bang.

1. Eyebrows are the crown of the face.
Our eyebrows work must be precise. Other parts can be light But eyebrows have to come Because some universities wear surgical masks for their graduation Therefore, you will not see the part under the mask, but the eyebrows and eyes will be especially clear. {The eyebrows must start from the frame first. Then full eyebrows Cover with brow mascara}

2.Gorgeous eye look Eye makeup will help us look more stylish, attractive. But must be in a polite tone Not too dark How to do eye makeup is {apply your favorite color eyeshadow all over the eyelids Select the socket with an eyeshadow shade that is darker than the shade listed and use the same eyeshadow color for the first time to add to the outer corner of the eye. Will make it look more dimensional.

3. The blush reflects the look
The blush brush. Is another way to make our face look beautiful and bright Sparkle And can also cover excess cheeks In which the color is down according to your preferences Suggest that the same tone as the eye color Because it will make our face look in the same direction and make our face more soft

4. lip bang!
Finally, adding lip is an important part of making our face look lively, not faded, not faded, which by applying lip to last, let girls apply foundation on our lips first and then You can apply lipstick to it. In which the paint must be kept polite as well, girls.


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