Tips for choosing lipstick Suits all skin tones.

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               There are many essential cosmetics for women, but we mainly use blush, eyebrow makeup and lipstick. So lipstick is very important Because if we go out without makeup at least we have to use a lip. So that our face does not look faded, not pale like sick people and can also help our mouth look healthy as well.       

              But we tend to have a big problem when choosing a lipstick. Most women will buy lipstick to stock up at home, whether they are used or not. Or when buying it, take it to look at the arm and love the color, so bought it, but never really tried it on the lips. But when it's time for us to go out, we can't choose what we will use lipstick color today. Because there are too many to choose from Sometimes we like this color, but when we use we don't like it. Unlike when we bought it. So, AT-ZE has come up with a solution for all women to solve this huge problem in choosing a lipstick color that matches their skin tone.

 1.Fair skin 

         I must say that Light skin tone girls It's a very lucky skin tone. Because they have a little limitation to makeup. No matter what color we use, it will match our skin tone. Even the milky pink that other girls can't use with there skin tone but it can match very well with our skin tones are taken and still beautiful as well. Therefore girls with this skin tone When use a bright color, it will look cute, active, or dark color, it looks hot and charming. Caution for girls with this skin tone Do not use too light color , for example. Too much nude color Because it will make the face look pale or use too dark color, such as red, will make the mouth too prominent.


 2.Tan skin 

            For girls with tan skin. It makes girls with this skin tone complete any look. And are the skin tones that are becoming a trend right now. This skin tone can be applied in many shades. Especially nude, brick tone, brown or nude tone with the same lip color will make it look beautiful,Charming, or you can use a lip liner or lip pencil To sharpen and add the degree of beauty with us. Caution for girls with this skin tone is dark colors it will make our face drop. Or colors that are too bright or red, orange tones, bright pink tones Will make our face look pale, not outstanding.

 3.Dark skin 

         For the last skin tone, dark skin tone.This skin tone is quite limited in the selection of lipstick shade. Because this skin tone has quite dark lips. Which makes it difficult to find a suitable lipstick But girls with this skin tone don't have to worry at all. Because we have a distinctive skin color than others And nowadays, there are many lipstick tones out there for women with this particular skin. So that color tones that girls are very suitable It is nude brown, brown and dark red, or dark orange. It makes our lips outstanding and also makes our face look sharp, inter-looking, super charming or to apply concealer or a lip foundation to make it last longer Caution for girls with this skin tone Bright red, deep purple and yellow-brown tones will make us not outstanding.

                All the tricks that AT-ZE shared with girls of various skin tones. So that girls know what skin tone they have And what lipstick color should you choose to suit your skin tone? to give us confidence in ourselves Happy with the makeup and more importantly, dare to add to your own look to have the style that we want to be Just as the girls will be fascinated and mesmerized by all eyes good luck.