Facial foam



Micellar foam products eliminate excess oil on the face and make-up in one step.


Rose Water Facial Cleaning Foam - The soft and fine glowing white pinky foam mixes with water to become soft bubble catches oil


Active Whitening Facial Foam - With natural Mulberry’s Root Extract, Which-Hazel and Chamomile Extract, it adjusts facial skin complexion, tightens skin pores and gently prevents skin.


This White Clay cleansing foam helps to restore fatigued skin.


A detox cleansing foam product with 3 natural extracts: orange extract, broccoli, aloe vera extract, and enriched with crocodile oil with Omega 3, 6, 9. it nourishes the skin, adds moisture to dry skin, reduces wrinkles and dark spots, reduces sunburn, nourishes the skin from fatigue, reveals naturally radiant skin.