Branding process

Aesthetic Secret (At-C) Co., Ltd. is produced and helping you build the brand.(OEM) If you need to creating Skin care products, Cosmetic products, Cleansing products, Supplement and Medicine. We are the national standard factory with standard lab and medical staff If you want to create a brand with us, there are only 10 easy steps:


1. Determine the population group for planning of product selection.

2. Select products or products from standard formulas or formulas from product development according to customer needs or ask for advice from sales representatives.

3. Select packaging from the catalog. (Customers can bring their own packaging)

4. Send the logo file to us (in case the customer already has a logo) or let me design logo for you.

5. Starting price for branding

categoryMinimum production
Cream / Cosmetic
Please contact the staff
Powder / CushionStandard formula, 1,000 cartridges or more (Assorted colors, 500 cartridges/color)
Development formula, 1,000 cartridges/color
FoundationStandard formula, 4 kg or more (mixed colors, 1 kg/color)
Development formula, 2 kg or more/color

Standard formula, 5 kg or more (mixed colors, 1 kg/color)

Development formula, 2 kg or more

Soap5,000 pieces or more
Tablets Supplement6,000 tablets or more
Powder Supplement30,000 packs or more
OtherPlease contact the staff

6. When the details are complete, We will sends a quotation to verify the accuracy.

7. Pay 50% of the cost before production.

8. Submit a Permission of the FDA number and when receiving the number, we will design Logo and package. Production process takes 30 working days (since receiving the packaging, complete equipment.)

9. Pay the remaining 50% of the cost when finished product production process

10. Delivery