Create high value brand of products for health and beauty, under standardized medicinal research and development facilities.


Aesthetic Zecret (AT-ZE) CO.,LTD.

          Our company was found on the idea of producing cosmeceutical products, cream, cosmetic, and dietary supplements that can answer our customer’s demands. We also consider our products’quality as top priority, for examples, by selecting only raw materials of top quality from global leading manufacturers, revalidating each and every manufacturing process, from production to finished products; being meticulous with every process, in order to ensure the quality and standard of our products, from receiving customer’s order to developing new formula that meets our customer’s demand. We are confident with our invention, research and creation of new formula, as we have experts on cosmeceutical and a team of expert doctors who serve as our advisor.

"Medical Standard of Beauty Brand"
          Because we’re well aware that standard is important. We applies the same standard as pharmaceutical factory in our production, which makes us superior, whether in term of our personnel, quality control, production process, facilities and equipments.
          You may rest assure that every product of our company has been thoroughly researched and developed by experts, and is conformed to all standards that global enterprises are emphasized, for the sake of quality’s excellence, and maximum efficiency of organization’s operation, such as, GMP, GMP/PICs, HACCP and HALAL


Quality Control

          Aesthetic Zecret has solid quality control over our product. Before we deliver any products to our customers, quality of these products has to be thoroughly tested and validated. Our quality control covers the entire production process, from checking quality of received raw materials for production, to verifying that production process is conforming to GMP Standard, as well as ensuring that packaging is done with given standard, and then deliver the finished products to our customers, completely and wholly. We do all of these to ensure the maximum satisfaction of our customers.

Research and Development

          We have teams of scientists, pharmacists, chemists, and doctors, who have experience and expertise in product research and development. Therefore, we’re always confident in our quality and safety. The origin of our research is the idea of producing non-stop product development. Such continuity in our research and development yields as our expertise in data analysis’s accuracy. Meanwhile, we have researchers who are expert in research and development of each product line; that we’ve divided into various teams, in accordance with their target product. Therefore, our customers may rest assure that the results of our innovation and products that we’re distributing to the consumers are all of high value and quality, with international standardized safety. 



          In our cosmetic production process, we’re thoroughly and meticulously planning, controlling and checking each and every step and process. Our production is done and controlled by our staffs, who are expert in cosmetic production, and by state of the art equipment; in order to produce only products of high quality and standard that may maximize our customer’s satisfaction.