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Aesthetic Zecret (At-Ze) Company Limited

Our company was found on the idea of producing cosmeceutical products, cream, cosmetic, and dietary supplements that can answer our customer’s demands. We also consider our products’ quality as top priority, for examples, by selecting only raw materials of top quality from global leading manufacturers, such as, Europe and America; revalidating each and every manufacturing process, from production to finished products; being meticulous with every process, in order to ensure the quality and standard of our products, from receiving customer’s order to developing new formula that meets our customer’s demand. We are confident with our invention, research and creation of new formula, as we have experts on cosmeceutical and a team of expert doctors who serve as our advisor.


As we promise, you can always rest assure that...

creation of brand of health and beauty “AT-ZE, ALL-IN-ONE”


Why Using Our Servives?

Medical Standard of Beauty Brand : AT-ZE
Because we’re well aware that standard is important. We applies the same standard as pharmaceutical factory in our cream production, which makes us superior, whether in term of our personnel, quality control, production process, facilities and equipments. You may rest assure that every product of our company has been thoroughly researched and developed by experts, and is conformed to all standards that global enterprises are emphasized, for the sake of quality’s excellence, and maximum efficiency of organization’s operation, such as,
ISO 9001:2008, GMP, HACCP HALAL and etc.
“For the goal of becoming producer and exporter of high quality products, with highly reliable standards for production, whether in term of professionalism, innovation, and service”

Why using our services?

We are never stop our research and development to find the most advanced technology and ingredients to serve our customer satisfaction and requirement.


Our Products


Best Sellers

Best Seller


Facial Lifting Gel -The value of Horse Oil from Japan moisturizing skin, reduces inflammation, swelling and allergy.

Best Seller


Chemical Sunscreen Cream: Upgrade UV protection standard. Prevent skin from UVA I, UVA II, UVB, IR and visible light that have the long-term effect on skin.

Best Seller


Skin Serum Treatment to prevent skin from wrinkles - The best selected premium nature with the benefits of Bird’s Nest Extract and Nano Gold 24 Carat

Best Seller


Anti-Aging Special Intensive Serum to prevent skin from wrinkles.

5 Step : Process Brand

The company produces cream, cosmetics, dietary supplements and cosmeceutical products (OEM) by its factory, under GMP standard, for customers who want to own their owned brand of cosmetics; and provide all-in-one services.


1. Choose your desired products and packaging, or consult with our on-staff advisor, with the company’s One Stop Services, and get information and support you want, on the product you desire to produce under your owned brand. 

2. Our staff then issues a quotation and asks customer to pay 50 percents as deposit in advance, before we will initiate the production process.

3. Our staff then designs the product’s packaging, files the product’s registration with Food and Drug Administration under your owned brand name.

4. Produce and pack your cream with standardize production processes and then ask customer to pay the other 50 percents of the cost before delivery of the product.

5. Once customer paid the other 50 percents of the cost, the company then delivers the finished product to the address that has been given by customer.